Business starts from Branding not from Sales

Business starts from Branding not from Sales

Every company should start developing its business strategy with Branding as the primary focus. The first error most businesses commit is to base the entire development strategy on sales alone. The sales strategy promises fast revenue and effortless business growth so it draws the Company to prioritize its implementation.


This results in a continuous change of information the Company communicates to its consumer and includes a series of downfalls:

1) The Company hasn’t got the right set of information on which to focus business marketing and achieve adequate results;

2) The strategy is constantly changing because it relays on the individual interpretation of the feedback rather than a set clear scheme. In this situation, all the power is placed in the hands of a Sales Manager who interprets only the immediate feedback and as a result will achieve no more than short terms results;

3) The Company cannot measure and quantify the results;

4) The Company does not invest in a long term strategy;

5) Short term sales take priority over the core business plan.


Business development with Branding as the primary strategy focus will yield superior results:

1) The Company will plan its strategy, find the right way to market the product/service while consolidating the Core Business;

2) It will be easier for the employees to comprehend the Company and its market strategy;

3) The Company will be able to keep track of the results the strategy implementation yields along the way;

4) By measuring the results, the Company will adapt to the new developments.

In short, Branding is a present and a future investment for a company.

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