Corporate video presentations: Private, Public and Inhouse


Companies try to be different from competitors. They try to increase Brand Value through new Products and Marketing. Every Company needs to explain their Brand and Products in details. How the Product works/behave, the USP or Competitive Advantage… The most powerful tool for such communication is video content. Video can explain everything in a very fast and direct way; but video itself is nothing without the control of the environmental use: how, when and why will video be used.

Video presentations can be divided in three types: Private, Public and Stable.

Private Video Presentation:
Private Presentation is used in B2B market where Companies arrange under the fair (or spaces outside their own company) a place where they meet potential partners and where they privately explain Products and their Company.

Public Video Presentation:
Public Presentation is used both in B2B and B2C market. Companies can play video presentation on a monitor in a fair or create an emotional presentation on big screen as part of an opening event.
Under this category it is possible to include various types of presentation: 3D projections, interactive videos…

Inhouse Video Presentation:
Inhouse Presentation is used in B2B market but its gaining more power in B2C because of the decline of the international fairs and the increasing of fair prices. Companies create an Inhouse Presentation using their own spaces, inviting clients to view the media and experience Products within their Company environment. The presentation is usually available non stop.

Private, Public and Inhouse presentation can live together as parts of a powerful strategy to increase Brand Value by explaining Products and attracting potential partners and clients.

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