Every Market can disappear


In the last few years we get excited by Apple products, strategy and success. Almost everyone appreciates success of Steve Jobs and the iOS products. We think that copying, buying or reading Apple story guarantees some sort of inspiration and success.
The same happens to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto with Nintendo WII.
The same happens to Volkswagen with designer Walter de’Silva and his Volkswagen products.
The same happens to Tom Tom with owner Peter-Frans Pauwels and his Tom Tom Go.

Looking from this perspective everything appears to be relativelly easy to understand: We are returning again in a Market Related Products, and anyone who has a good Product will oversell the others and survive. That is a common mistake: short strategy against long strategy. We are actually in a market where different ecosystems compete, where anyone and everyone can disappear in couple of years.

There are a lot of reason why even the biggest companies can disappear:
1) Hardware is less important, we are moving in Software Era;
2) Government regulation can modify everything;
3) Consumers change attitude quickly and unpredictably;
4) China and similar competitors
5) The simpler the software is everything will be more and more similar for consumers.

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