Human Touch in Marketing


We live on a digital world. Everything can be recreated and faked. So sometimes it is normal that in marketing and communication we miss the human connection. We sometimes forget that we create for people, and people relate to others in very specific ways, with emotions.

Take a look at “Cars” cartoon characters: for them to be humanized they need to be “more human than humans”. The animation its extremely well done, facial expression and emotions are pushing to the limits. But you cannot design “Cars” with skin. That’s not the point of connection. Connection is limited and specialized.

If you create a video, brochure, environment, message or anything else related to communication or
marketing strategy it needs to be connected to people. You need a touch of empathy and there are specific strategies which help you discover details that work.

For example: if you create a digital environment it people accept it better through natural sound effects.
You do not need photorealistic CGI. People will always see that it is fake. You dont need more; the more you add the more we try to discover the disconnection.

If you create a marketing strategy it needs to be related to real and basic people needs. People are always good at discovering the cold approach.

This is the trick: never miss to connect with people in a human yet specific way. Do not be cold and do not overdo it.

Giovanni Gastel, la fotografia digitale, Instagram       Business starts from Branding not from Sales