Models speak Brand language

Models speak Brand language

Brands need to communicate more and better if they are to connect deeply with consumers.

Every testimonial is an occasion to communicate for a brand. Testimonials need to be taken very seriously.

A few years back, there was not much need to speak for brands in the fashion industry. Models spoke through body shape, movement, lifestyle and entourage. They rarely did interviews.

But many things change very fast and very aggressively in the fashion industry.

Models are becoming spokespeople for fashion brands. They are being interviewed in addition to being filmed and photographed.

This results from the need to produce increasingly more content, to respond fast to trends and maximize exposure to the media in response to strong competition.

Irina Shayk, supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl behaves like a spokeswoman for Rampage. She knows how to act and speak to help Rampage connect to consumers.

This is an important skill for fashion models to get to and remain at the top: to understand the business and consumer environment she is working for and in, and act accordingly. It adds significant value to the brands and is a reason why many models have moved to becoming spokespeople for brands and institutions.

It is very hard teach a person to do that, even outside fashion industry. Speaking for a brand requires an appropriate attitude, a warm and brand-specific attitude.

Irina may have herself worked hard in that direction. She appears very smart and Rampage made a good decision to select her.

See Irina Shayk in the Rampage promotional video.

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