Smart car as a specialized tool


When I use my Smart I always understand the differences from other cars. Smart is not a car is a tool. A very particular and specialized tool. Smart its a very succesfull project based on specialization. It is perceived as having a high price because of the standard evaluation of cars: number of seats, size, weight, motor etc.

If you compare Smart to other cars, Smart looses.

But Smart must be seen as a specialized tool. You expect a very precise thing from a tool like that. This is why Smart keeps its value year after year. Keep in mind also that Smart created a new market.

Now compare Smart against a Swiss Army knife.

It is the same? I dont think so. It is the opposite.

Freschello wine sold 8 million


Today the Italian wine Freschello was again confirmed as the most sold wine in Italy according to Vinit article “Incredibile ma vero : il Freschello è il vino in bottiglia piu’ venduto in Italia”.

Produced by Cielo e Terra Spa in Montorso (Vicenza), a company which is part of COLLIS Veneto Wine Group,  Freschello sells more than 8 millions bottles per year with an growth of 35% in 2010(Source: NIELSEN 2010 GDO) according to Newsfood “Cielo e Terra: Il fatturato 2010 aumenta e tocca quota 32,8 milioni di euro”. They are number 1 in large distribution with a product that costs around 1 EUR and has around 10° alchool.

Large distribution it’s the most important part of italian distribution and the only one who are increasing according to Canali di vendita vino Italia 2010 – fonte Mediobanca.