The success of MasterChef


Few weeks in Italy started a new TV reality show MasterChef – a TV show present in almost every part of the world with hundreds millions of viewers and at the top #10 of most TV ratings. The show started in the 1990 as a game show but recently changed to a reality show format. It is based on 18 non-professional chefs who battle to win 100.000 EUR in a cooking competition.

MasterChef Italy is competing against Gambero Rosso and other TV shows have been producing similar content, but promote mostly professional chefs. Difference is that MasterChef is based on amateur and home chefs, not professional chefs.

One of my mentors always said: “Andrea, remember good TV and almost every product is still all about the characters.”

What is different in MasterChef its not the competition but the connection between the receipt and the life of people. This is a fantastic idea which makes the MasterChef unique and so successful.

Non-professional chef demonstrate their cooking recipes while telling stories about where and when they discovered them: they tell stories about their families or just different personal stories.
The show is filled with emotion and personal connection. This is content to which everyone can relate.

Every succesfull product has a reason why behind it. In case of MasterChef the reason is simple: “Food is life”.

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